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Project Management

PMK believes in project delivery as much as it stands by the designs they generate. The value of continuing the scope of services into project management is priceless when it comes to quality assurance and budget controls. PMK extends its scope to project management where they are the design consultants too. A systematic programming, implementing, reviewing and communicating strategy suited to the project type shall be devised to benefit the project. The team of consultants and vendors work towards a common goal and PMK addresses all issues during construction and promotes a unified effort. Typically the vendors are tried and tested who have an exceptional track record be it for past projects of PMK or others. A streamlined way of communicating is essential to dismantle the hierarchy and treat all team members on level ground. Dedicated PMK staff at site monitoring the works with hi-tech gadgets is essential to avoid conflicts and major reworks. PMK takes upon itself as one-point contact throughout the duration of the project and beyond. Some of the highlights of services under project management are:

Bidding & Negotiations
Project Meetings Reporting
Quantity Surveying
Safety & Security
Logistic and Procurement Planning
Conflict Management


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