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Independent homes

    At PMK residential projects take a special priority due to the various challenges they pose in terms of long wish lists and ever shrinking plot sizes. Every house we design is in the end a home for the client that shall draw them closer to their hearts. It takes special importance due to the hopes, aspirations and the trust every client pins on us be it someone’s first home, renovation due to a growing family or simply a leisure home. In many instances it all starts with awareness talk to educate the client on the purpose and value of having an architect on board. Clients are today increasingly aware of what they want and experience in their homes. Hence today the designs are more a collaborative outcome from idea exchanges. PMK takes up a residential project to deliver smarter and unique solutions keeping in mind the quality of spaces. Daylight, natural ventilation, free flowing spaces, maintenance- friendly, privacy and most importantly VAASTU principles are never compromised. The design principles that we adopt have many green design solutions in all the homes right from planning to usage of green building products. Today green homes are the need of the hour and clients are fully aware of sustainable living. At the end every project is a complex design exercise to exceed the initial goals set. A long-lasting relationship with the client is the most logical outcome.

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