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Flood Rehabilitation Housing – North Karnataka – sponsored by WIPRO CARES

    We recently completed a low-cost “GREEN” housing project for flood affected victims in a remote village of North Karnataka. This place is almost out of reach of even basic living amenities. These areas are typically very dry and hot. Summer temp reaches 45deg C and winter can be equally bad. Rains are almost a rarity and if and when it rains it only takes 2 days to submerge low areas. In 2009 it rained for a week. These people have been living out of tin roof sheds ever since. So WIPRO Cares which is a social service wing of WIPRO took up this unique project as a way to help the government rehabilitate some of these villages. We used POROTHERM bocks (hollow clay blocks – German technology) and ferro cement precast concrete elements to give them a home that is adequate, climate friendly and not less than a normal habitable home that we like to live in ourselves. These 111 homes cost just over1.8lakhs each and WIPRO donated the entire project which the Government of Karnataka allotted free of cost to the victims. The outcome was personally a very satisfying feeling and PMK Architects is proud to be part of such an initiative. A similar project of about 450 homes is completed Yadgir Taluk.

    Wipro Cares