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PMK Architects: Interiors Architecture Green Building Architects in Bangalore PMK Architects Architectural solutions for today and tomorrow,PMK Architects

  • Holistic Approach
    Right from programming to execution PMK Architects stands by the project with the soul goal of a highly satisfying outcome at the end. Macro level understanding is efficiently processed to a micro level where there is no compromise on design and quality....
  • Integrated Project Delivery
    Integrated Project Delivery leverages early contributions of knowledge and expertise through the utilization of new technologies, allowing all team members to better realize their highest potentials while expanding the value they provide throughout the project lifecycle....
  • Sustainability
    Environmental responsibility – a primary design parameter. In general PMK has been effective in driving the idea of GREEN, be it for a residence or a major industrial campus. The designs have always reflected the need for being sustainable and often quantifiable....

Architecture driven by smarter solutions for today and tomorrow

PMK Architects stands tall today not only for giving highly innovative design ideas but goes beyond the realm of just a solutions provider. We have been looked up upon by our clients repeatedly for solving complex issues in a variety of built environments. Our sustainable ideas since the inception has been recognized and talked about by our ever faithful clients and also the end users. Integrity to its highest levels has been a hall mark of our long sustained existence.

Our designs are neither signature style nor a mediocre attempt to manage a project. We believe in collaborative effort where even the smallest participant’s generic idea is transformed into a meaningful solution that leads to achieving the overall vision. The dedicated team of individuals who work at PMK Architects have hence experienced what true practice of architecture is. Systematic and highly organized from within, PMK Architects believes in processes which streamlines the road map set for any project where largely time and quality are the essence.

Design Philosophy


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